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About Our PLHCPs:

Your Health and Safety Experts

At Vest, our team of Physicians and other Licensed Health Care Professionals (PLHCPs) bring a wealth of experience to the table. With decades of experience in occupational medicine, emergency, and remote medicine, we review thousands of Medical Evaluations for employers every month. But it’s not just about expertise—it’s about results:

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Cost Savings for Employers
Our experienced professionals understand the intricacies of health assessments for the purposes of respirator use. By streamlining the process and providing live PLHCP coverage 18 hours every day, we save your organization tremendous money and time.
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Employee Safety & Well-Being Matter
We prioritize your employees’ health and safety. Our thorough review of our customized OSHA mandated Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) in the context of the employee’s local work environment, potential respiratory exposures and other challenges to respirator use helps minimizes the risk to your employees – and you the employer.

Trust our PHLCPs to keep your workforce safe and your business thriving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard from our experience with employers and safety service providers. Have a question you don’t see here? Drop us a line.

Any employee who is required by their employer to use a respirator at work. Read more about respirator clearance here.
OSHA states that the respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) must be filled out, submitted, and cleared prior to respirator fit-testing. The MEQ is used to determine if respirator use could have adverse effects on the wearer, so Respirator Clearance must be obtained before donning a respirator, even for the fit-testing process. Read more about respirator clearance here.
Respirator Clearance is required any time an employee is using a respirator at work, including when that use is voluntary. The only exception to this rule is when an employee is using a filtering-facepiece, disposable respirator. Read more about mandatory and voluntary use here.
An MEQ must be evaluated by a PLHCP (Physician or other Licensed Health Care Professional), defined by OSHA as a healthcare provider that is licensed to independently practice medicine within their state. Because state medical boards are in control of who can independently practice medicine in each state, the level of licensure required will be different according to state guidelines.
There are no expiration dates or time limits associated with Respirator Clearance unless specifically stated by the PLHCP providing the judgement. OSHA has specified that an employee must receive updated Respirator Clearance whenever there are changes to the employee’s work environment, job description, respirator usage, or if the employee experiences significant health changes.

Because of the personal nature of changes in health, most employers don’t rely on their workforce to self-report significant health changes. These employers require employees to receive Respirator Clearance every year along with the required annual fit-test. Read more about annual respirator clearance here.
There are several ways that an employer can obtain Respirator Clearance for its workforce. The two most common ways are sending employees to an occupational health clinic or having employees fill out a paper MEQ that is faxed to a healthcare provider for review at a later time.
OSHA requires that the MEQ and MEQ results be retained for 30 years from the last day of employment by an employee. This means that if an employee fills out their first MEQ in 2012, then works for your company until their retirement in 2030, you would be responsible for securely retaining the initial MEQ until 2060. The storage of the MEQ is also subject to HIPAA standards for securing and retaining PHI (Protected Health Information).
OSHA mandates that the Respirator Clearance process be conducted during work hours (on the clock), and that the process is paid for by the employer. The need to minimize time away from work and the cost associated with Respirator Clearance is a large contributor to the prevalence of online solutions.
As with all tight-fitting respirators, N95s (and other filtering-facepiece respirators) require Respirator Clearance if use is required by the employer.
Although a hood type PAPR isn’t tight-fitting and doesn’t require a fit-test, Respirator Clearance is still required if use of the PAPR is required by the employer.
PFTs are not a component of the Respiratory Protection Standard and are instead specific to different substance standards.
Any employee who is required by their employer to use a respirator at work. Read more about respirator clearance here.
Whenever respirators are required, medical clearance for an individual to wear the respirator must be obtained beforehand. Employees must receive the information contained in Appendix D of the Respiratory Protection Standard (“Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under the Standard”)
This clearance may involve a medical exam or, in some cases, a review of the OSHA questionnaire by a healthcare professional.
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