About Us

We put your employees’ health at the forefront of our mission, simultaneously aiding your company in achieving efficiency in its operations.

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The Vest Team

Our team, led by experienced medical professionals, understand the intricate requirements of respiratory clearance and are dedicated to ensuring your company’s adherence to these regulatory needs. We ensure a fast and effective return to work protocol for your employees, as we well know that time is a valuable asset. Our goal is to blend healthcare and productivity in an optimal balance. Trust Vest, where the wellness of your workforce meets compliance and efficiency.

Where We Came From

As a company providing medical services to the clean-up efforts during the Gulf Spill in the spring of 2010, our president and Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Rittger, created what would eventually become our Respirator Clearance product.

Where We’re Going

Vest is a health and safety software company focused on simplicity. Our products make our clients’ work simpler. If we can’t make it more efficient and cost effective, we won’t do it.

Our President & Lead Physician

Kevin Rittger, MD, FACEP

President, Director of Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Rittger is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and is an active staff physician at multiple hospitals in the greater Houston-Galveston area. He attended medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Since the mid-90’s, Dr. Rittger has developed cutting-edge internet-based technologies for continuing medical education, medical records, and pre-employment clearances.

Kevin Rittger
Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

These are some of the industries our clients work in around the world.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Pest Control
  • Oil & Gas
  • Airway Transportation
  • Automotive Transportation
  • Healthcare & Medicine
  • Railway Transportation
  • Construction
  • Collision & Autobody
  • Chemical Manufacturing
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